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Yoga Sandbag (Empty)

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Our Yoga Sandbag provides the weight to press down and apply pressure on the body during your asanas. Similar to the touch or adjustment of a teacher, this subtle pressure allows the body to find subtly deeper depths and greater sensations of grounding and relaxation as you move through your various shapes.

Please note that the yoga sandbag comes empty and we recommend that you use a funnel to fill it with sand.


  • Sturdy carry handle 

  • For deep release, increased flexibility, and added strength


  • 8" x 14" (20 cm x 36 cm)

  • Outer Cover: 100% cotton twill

  • Inner Liner: zippered, coated polyester

  • Made in India


  • Remove filling

  • Remove cover, wash in cold water and hang to dry

  • Avoid dropping or throwing sandbags as this can split/wear out the seams

  • Do not bleach 


  • Although our sandbags are sold individually, we recommend purchasing two for symmetry to use evenly on your arms, legs, or shoulders.

  • All sandbags are sold and shipped empty (without sand).

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