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Laundry Spray Bottle - Glass

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Perfect as a DIY laundry spray bottle. Fill up with purified water, add a few drops of essential oil, and spray on OLSEN+OLSEN dryer balls. 
Also use on your linens or as a natural home fragrance. Spritz a fine mist over bedding, curtains or clothes for an invigorating pick-me-up between washings. 
DIY instructions are included in detail on the 100ml amber frosted glass bottle. Zero-waste and plastic-free. 


Fill the spray bottle with purified water and add drops of essential oil depending on the intensity desired. Approx 10 drops for a subtle aroma and 30 for a stronger scent. Shake before each use and spray! 

*This is sold as the empty bottle only. Use it to make the best essential oil blend that works for you. 

Note: If you would like it pre-filled and ready to go, we can accommodate for a $5 extra fee using pure essential oils of your choosing.

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