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Before Noon

Incense Kit

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Our Incense Kit has all of the essentials to create a calm and focused environment. It includes our simple and beautiful brass linear incense stick holder and our favorite clean woody-scented incense sticks from Japan, packaged in a travel-friendly glass tube. 

Nearly all spiritualities use incense as a symbolic offering. Powerful during meditation, incense can also help to lower anxiety and give emotional strength. 

Denver | Mindfulness | Brass

  • Reduce reaction to "fight-or-flight" response, stress and anxiety and encourage your mind to minimize worrying by burning the purest quality of sandalwood, lavender or rosemary
  • Deepen attention, focus and enhance concentration when working or studying
  • Create a practice of lighting an incense stick as a simple way of letting go of a thought, feeling or behavior. Light, "listen" to the scent and take a deep breath

Place one end of the incense stick on the side with the dimple facing up and light the other end with a match. Let the stick burn for about 5 seconds before gently blowing out or fanning the flame. The end of the stick will glow orange and gently smoke as you begin your moment of relaxation. 

The brass will naturally develop a natural patina and oxidize over time. If you prefer your brass to shine, please use brass polish. Because they are handmade, each piece may vary slightly. You will see imperfections and the natural beauty of brass.


Included in the kit: 

1 brass Incense stick holder
12 Japanese incense sticks

Each incense stick holder is uniquely handcrafted using solid brass and is completed with a gentle polish finish. It measures 4” x 0.25" x 0.25".

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