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HYDRATE Hand Sanitizing Wipes

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It's so hard to find a sanitizer option WITHOUT the use stripping alcohol. Not anymore! Who needs a helping hand?

Using the power of BZK*, get a handle on germs, dirt and whatever messiness life throws your way. This hand wipe not only kills germs on the spot (without damaging skin), it’s also packed with powerful moisturizers that soothe irritation.

Great to have on hand in case of sticky situations where a wipe is most needed instead of a liquid sanitizer.

Every wipe is individually wrapped, made of unbleached cotton, and is 100% biodegradable! Packaging is recyclable. Our manufacturing is powered by wind energy, and we are made in USA. 15 wipes per box. 

Artificial fragrance free. Paraben free. Aluminum free. Cruelty free. Waste free.

*BZK has historically helped battle E.coli, influenza, and other bacteria that cause illnesses like pneumonia. A new study from researchers at Brigham Young University found that BZK is just as effective as alcohol when it comes to breaking down germs. The study also showed that the BZK substance wiped out 99.9% of the novel coronavirus within 15 seconds of the experiment. 

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