Pick up directions

Our pick-up location is at Sound Stage located in The Washington Mall.


Across the street from City Hall/The Bus Terminal, there is an outdoor balcony area of The Washington Mall with Washington Lane going down the center.

Take the left hand side of the balcony and keep walking along until you see the Sound Stage sign hanging up ahead.

On the door, there is a poster that says The Ōm Home Collection Point.

You've made it!

Please remember to only show up for packages once you receive your pick-up notification in your email. If you have not received the email yet, your package will not be there.

If you are lost or need additional instructions, please get in contact via email at info@the-om-home.com or call Sound Stage directly at 292-0811.

Please note we are not affiliated with Sound Stage or its owners. Their location merely serves as “a middle man” to get your products to you free of charge — we’re thankful for that!

Open M T W T F S 10:30am - 5:30pm