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Dosha Quiz

A quick and simple quiz to determine whether you’re likely a Vata, Pitta or Kapha. Answer the seven questions below to find your likely Dosha. If none of the answers perfectly describe you, that’s okay! Pick the closest.


1. Which best describes your natural frame?

A) Thin and lean with difficulty putting on weight

B) A medium or athletic build with the tendency to maintain weight

C) Broad or full figured and easily puts on weight 


2. How are your energy levels?

A) I get short bursts of energy, but tire easily and need breaks

B) I tend to have a steady amount of energy throughout the day

C) It takes me a while to get going, but once I do I have a lot of endurance 

3. If any, what type of health problem(s) do you most often experience? 

A) Headaches, bloating, anxiety

B) Heartburn, hypertension, skin irritation 

C) Allergies or congestion, lethargy, water retention 


4. How would you describe your body temperature?

A) My hands and feet are usually cold and I prefer warmer environments

B) I am usually warm and prefer cool environments 

C) I am adaptable to most temperatures but I dislike cold, wet days the most 


5. How is your complexion?

A) Dry or rough

B) Oily or acne prone

C) Even, thick and smooth 


6. Which best describes you under stress?

A) Nervous and on edge

B) Irritable or aggressive 

C) Withdrawn or depressed


7. How do you talk?

A) Quickly and/or change topics frequently 

B) A medium pace. My words are concise and sharp

C) Calmly and/or slowly


Count how many times you picked A, B and C! If you picked mostly: 

A - You’re likely a Vata

B - You’re likely a Pitta

C - You’re likely a Kapha

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